Located in Toano, Virginia

Known Military Veterans Buried in the James City Chapel Cemetery

In honor of our veterans

There are thirty-one (31) known military veterans buried in the James City Chapel Cemetery who served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. This list is based on inscribed information found on the headstones and footstones of those buried in the cemetery, information provided by family members, or found through research. During the years of World War II, an article in the Virginia Gazette on November 12, 1943, announced that a special recognition service would be held at Mount Vernon Methodist Church to honor the 38 men of the church serving in the armed services. A list of names for the 38 men honored in that service has not been found, so there may be other military veterans buried in the cemetery, also. If you know of any, please contact the office at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church so that the records can be updated. 

The location of the gravesite for each person listed is designated by numbers and letters like “A20”, or asimilar designation, below his/her name. For example, “A” indicates “Section “A”, and then an assigned grave number. Click here to view the Cemetery Layout Drawings showing sections of the cemetery.

In Memory of the Military Veterans of
James City Chapel and Mount Vernon United Methodist Church


Birth Date

Death Date



Grave #

BANGS, Harry K., Jr. b. June 28, 1925 d. November 3, 1946 AM3, U.S.N.R. WWII A20
BANGS, Wilmer Lewellys, Sr. b. Oct. 16, 1938 d. November 11, 2011 U. S. Navy A21A
BEACHUM, Clyde W., Jr. b. Jan. 12, 1925 d. December 24, 2008 SFC, U. S. Army WWII Korea Vietnam Bronze Star Purple Heart A01
COWAN, William H. b. May 2, 1909 d. February 19, 1960 VA, PFC, ASF Pers. Repl. Depot WWII A07
DEANER, Archer S. b. June 1, 1911 d. August 8, 1976 1st Lt., U. S. Army WWII D04
HALL, Owen Keith b. July 7, 1921 d. December 19, 1998 TSgt. U. S. Marine Corps WWII E35
HARD, Norman G. b. Sept. 19, 1947 d. November 3, 2007 U. S. Army, SFC E7, Retired, Vietnam D01
HOCKADAY, George W. b. Dec. 16, 1918 d. October 15, 1970 CPL, U. S. Army WWII E15
HOWARD, Stewart Kelly b. Mar. 15, 1939 d. Jan. 22, 2014 U. S. Air Force A65
JENNINGS, George A. b. Jan. 4, 1897 d. July 31, 1975 PFC, U. S. Army WWI C14
JENNINGS, Nathaniel Hall b. Sep 15, 1893 d. July 31, 1918 PVT 1st, U. S. Army 4INF, 3DIV C16
MARSTON, Dandridge Wesley b. July 22, 1845 d. December 20, 1913 PVT, Co. H, 5th Virginia Cav. C. S. A. Civil War E24
MARSTON, Thomas B., Jr. b. Nov. 23, 1927 d. August 31, 1980 U. S. Army E09
MARTIN, Carolyne Holland b. April 6, 1893 d. November 25, 1965 VA, 2nd Lt., Army Nurse Corps, WWI C18
MARTIN, Enoch T. (Timothy) b. April 2, 1842 d. June 10, 1920 Co. H, 32nd Virginia Inf. Co. B, 1st Virginia Art. C. S. A. Civil War C37
MARTIN, Hunter Mark b. June 4, 1890 d. November 28, 1961 VA, S2, U. S. N. R. WWI C17
MARTIN, James H. b. Aug. 16, 1917 d. June 27, 1980 U. S. Navy WWII A38
MAUNEY, Marion Andrew b. Oct. 18, 1895 d. May 25, 1962 N. Carolina, SC4, U. S. Navy WWI D19
MAUNEY, Samuel John b. Dec. 16, 1932 d. June 12, 2012 U. S. Army D19A
McGINLEY, Harry b. March 31, 1916 d. January 26, 1992 TEC 4, U. S. Army WWII A15
McGINLEY, Roy b. Jan. 22, 1913 d. October 3, 1958 Virginia, PFC SVC Co., 314 Infantry WWII, BSM A26
PALMER, Charles Kent b. Oct 26, 1927 d. Dec 29, 2017 U. S. Merchant Marines CWO 3 U.S. Army A02
PROSOCO, James Randall b. Feb 8, 1949 d. Sep 26, 1995 U. S. Army A04
ROSE, Sidney F., Jr. b. 1934 d. 2007 U. S. Army D28
RUSSELL, Archie Edward b. Feb. 23, 1917 d. February 6, 2006 U. S. Army C01C
SEAL, Charles William b. Aug. 6, 1909 d. December 27, 1957 Virginia, Sgt., CAC WWII A29
SHELDON, Sidney E. (Pete) b. July 2, 1923 d. July 19, 2012 U. S. Army WWII E52
SMITH, Clara Payne b. Aug. 4, 1902 d. August 16, 1965 VA, TEC5, 9201 Tech Svc Unit WWII E50
TAYLOR, Cornelius Wesley b. May 5, 1841 d. November 25, 1892 3rd SGT, C. S. A. James City Artillery Civil War D17
TAYLOR, William P. b. Unknown d. Unknown Co. A, 9th VA Inf. C. S. A. Civil War D26
WILKINSON, William (M.) b. Sept. 25, 1840 d. August 14, 1902 James City Artillery C.S.A. Civil War B12