Located in Toano, Virginia

Cemetery Plot Maps and Known Burials

The plot maps of graves, which are available through links on this webpage, show an overview and the five sections (A through E) of the cemetery. They are for use with the alphabetical listing of names of those buried in the James City Chapel Cemetery found under the Alphabetical Listing buttons.

Note: The section maps are in the process of being updated at the time of this website upgrade.

The James City Chapel Cemetery is owned by Mount Vernon United Methodist Church. It is operated and maintained by The James City Chapel Cemetery Association with oversight by the Board of Trustees of the church.

Information can be obtained by contacting the church office as shown at the bottom of the webpage.

Cemetery Scene with Azaleas
Plot Maps – List of Sections

Alphabetical Listing of Those Buried in the Cemetery

To find the burial location of someone listed, match the “Location Section & Number” shown in the first column, to the locations marked on the cemetery Overview Plot Map and the plot maps for Sections A through E, which can be viewed by clicking on the “Plot Maps-List of Sections” button above.

If additional information is available regarding a listing, the information is shown just below the name box for the individual. The source(s) for the information appearing is identified within the comments.  Any reference to “(FG Note says…)” refers to information from the Find A Grave website (see link below). Information found on the findagrave.com website is provided by contributors to that site and may or may not be in agreement with church provided information.

Note: THE NAMES AND BURIAL INFORMATION SHOWN IN THE ALPHABETICAL LISTING HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO MARCH 2019.  The section maps, however, are in the process of being updated at the time of this website upgrade.

Church Membership Information

There are various references to church membership, meaning members of James City Chapel (Norge) or Mount Vernon United Methodist Church (Toano).  Since 2012 when this original list was created, the research and information resources have increased significantly.  For any questions about those buried in James City Chapel Cemetery, or church membership, please contact the church historian through the church office shown at the bottom of this webpage.

What is Find A Grave?

Find A Grave is a place on the internet to look for burial and other final disposition information for people of interest. The site provides tools that let people from around the world work together, share information and build an online, virtual cemetery experience. Here you’ll find details about cemeteries and individual memorials for many people buried in those cemeteries, which generally include birth, death and burial information. Some may include pictures, biographies, family information and more. Members can contribute what they know and can leave remembrances via ‘virtual flowers’ on the memorials they visit, completing the virtual cemetery experience.