Located in Toano, Virginia
Prayer Requests

These are our current prayer lists. It may be helpful for you to have these lists for intercession during our church’s time of being closed. We will update the lists when prayer requests are received by the church. To respect the privacy of individuals, only the first names of persons on the prayer lists will be displayed on this page.

Special Prayer Requests

  • Rebekah C. and granddaughter Stella
  • Taylor’s family
  • Martha W.
  • Allison C.
  • Tanisha G.
  • Haley H.
  • Shirley D.
  • Jennifer
  • Kathryn & Samuel
  • Brenda U.
  • Hailey H.
  • Rebecca S.-W.
  • Shirley L.
  • Sara and Steve R.
  • Sarah W.
  • Donna W.
  • COVID-19 prayers for:
    • Those infected with the virus and their families;
    • First responders;
    • Essential employees (e.g., grocery store clerks, tellers);
    • The unemployed;
    • The anxious and depressed.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

  • Judy K.
  • Helen P.
  • Shirley L.
  • Jewell B.
  • Anna B.
  • Kathy & Tom H.
  • Jack K.
  • June K.
  • Dora Mae M.
  • Those who serve in the military
  • Government leaders

Members at Home or Assisted Living

  • Staff and residents of Envoy
  • Masonic Home
  • Edith D.
  • Frances M.
  • Leta B.
  • Charlotte S.
  • JoAnn S.
  • Barbara H.
  • All area assisted living and skilled nursing facilities

To be on the prayer list or One Call Now, please call the church office at 757-566-0162. The special prayer requests will remain on the list for one month, and the ongoing prayer requests for two months unless requested to remain longer. If there is anyone who needs to be taken off the prayer list, please call the office.