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James City Chapel Cemetery Donations

e-Giving is simple, fast and secure. It has never been easier  to support James City Chapel Cemetery.   NCS Services takes the risk out of honoring your loved ones and insure their plots will be well maintained.  Giving makes donating simple, makes it fast, and makes it secure.

Donating with a few clicks of a mouse rather than writing a check and mailing it out is now possible. Checks can get lost, paper money can be stolen. Electronic donations are encrypted and insured. With our e-Giving services you can select different funds so that you can actively participate in where your donations are going. Making donations online helps make budget forecasting easier by tracking both one-time and recurring donations. It makes tracking and reporting donations easy to manage.

The Cemetery Committee and Trustees of Mount Vernon United Methodist Church thank you for partnering with us to keep the cemetery beautiful for years to come.  Questions can be answered by call the church office at 757-566-0162 between the hours of 9:oo a.m. and noon Monday – Friday.